I am a Research Associate at the Sustainable Consumption Institute of the University of Manchester. My current work focuses on the processes through which grassroots sustainability initiatives shape, and are shaped by the sites in which they emerge and develop. Among other things, I am interested in the meanings of sustainability that underly the practices that initiatives engage in over time, as well as in the ways that the emergence and development of the initiatives shapes the arrangements (of people, objects, places, and other entities) in which they are embedded.

A major part of my work is methodological, in the sense that I am actively exploring and developing methods for systematic longitudinal studies of social processes, working closely together with Prof. Frank Boons. Although I am interested in both quantitative and qualitative methods, my own focus is primarily on the latter. A major project of mine in this regard is the development of an integrated software package for the qualitative study of social processes, called Q-SoPrA (an acronym of Qualitative Social Process Analysis).

You can download my CV here.