My name is Wouter Spekkink. I am a Research Associate at the Sustainable Consumption Institute of the University of Manchester. I am currently starting up a project that studies the emergence and development of grassroots initiatives for (alternative) sustainable practices as multi-level process. In the project I plan to combine theory on social practices, social movements, and grassroots innovations, with Event Sequence Analysis. An important aspect of the project will be the further development and improvement of Event Sequence Analysis as a methodology, which is something I worked on during my PhD project, and which is an ongoing project in which I collaborate closely with prof. Frank Boons (see Boons et al. 2014; Spekkink and Boons, in press).

Wouter Spekkink

Before I started in my position as a Research Associate at the University of Manchester, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology. I was involved in a European project on Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models, and Upscaling Regional Sustainability (GLAMURS – www.glamurs.eu), which studies the prospects for, and barriers to transitions to green lifestyles in Europe. Particular attention is paid to the (potential) role of bottom-up citizen initiatives in this transition. In the project, I worked together with the Repair Cafés of Delft, Schiedam and The Hague, as well as the local energy initiative Vogelwijk Energie(k) in the Hague. I was responsible for field work, including focus groups, interviews, an interactive network analysis, a survey, a visioning workshop, and a backcasting workshop.

I wrote my PhD thesis at the Public Administration Department of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The focus of my research was on Industrial Symbiosis, and the process through which regional communities of companies, governments, knowledge institutes, and other relevant actors build up the capacity to collaborate on the development of industrial Symbiosis. I defended my PhD thesis on February 4th, 2016. An electronic version of my thesis is available on this website.

My CV can be downloaded here: CV Wouter Spekkink – July 2016.